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Patients with bone tumors in Siberia, Brazil, China, Pakistan, and other areas where medical care is sparse or unavailable have sent urgent requests for help. The authors of this web site consider it their mission to try to help these individuals by providing information, by assisting with referrals to doctors in their country or nearby areas, or by simply providing hope.

Most of the visitors to our site find the information they are seeking about their medical condition, and as a result they are better equipped to get the medical care they need.  We have put hundreds of hours of work into this site just for that purpose.

We Have No Commercial Influences

The information we provide in this web site is completely free, and is as up-to-date, accurate, objective and impartial as we can make it. We commit our time and experience to helping you with your questions. However, no commercial support is available to help with our costs.

If you have been helped by this site, please consider helping us in return. Please click on the paypal button below to make a make a donation of $10.00.  We sincerely appreciate it!