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located in multiple bones

Unicameral Bone Cyst

Unicameral bone cysts (UBC), also known as simple bone cysts, are lesions that consist of a fluid filled cavity lined by a thin membrane.
It is found most commonly in children ages 5-20, but these lesions occasionally persist into adulthood.
Most UBC's are asymptomatic and only present when a pathological fracture occurs. Some are discovered as incidental findings during an evaluation for an unrelated injury or condition.The lesion appears as a relatively symmetrical, well defined osteolytic area with a thin sclerotic margin.
Closed treatment of the fracture is first priority. One to three percutaneous methyl prednisolone acetate injections at two month intervals have been sucessful at similar rates with a significantly less invasive procedure. The injections consist of 2-5ml of MPA with 2 needles introduced.

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What does this man have?

Case Identification
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Clinical case information
Case presentation: 

This 32 year old Nicaraguan man has multiple lumps on his bones. The one behind his left neck has been growing and is bothering him. He says 5 of his 8 brothers and sisters also have this problem. What does he have? What is the cause of the growth of the tumor behind his neck? What is the correct treatment for this tumor?

Radiological findings:: 
No xrays are needed to make this diagnosis - the p history and the photos of the patient are all you should need.
Special Features of this Case:: 
The patient was treated at the HEODRA hospital in Leon, Nicaragua
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