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Tumors of Vascular Tissue

A vascular mass on the front of the tibia

Case Identification
Case ID Number: 
Periosteal Reaction: 
Clinical case information
Case presentation: 

Patient has a mass he thinks might be a varicose vein on the anterior surface of his left leg for several years.

Radiological findings:: 
An x-ray shows that there is a lesion in the mid tibia which corresponds with the soft tissue abnormality noted. It appears that there is a series of openings in the tibial cortex at the location of the lesion, the largest of which is less than a centimeter in length and perhaps 0.5-cm in width. There are couple of smaller nearby openings as well. Overall the size of the lesion represents a little bit more than half the diameter of the shaft of the bone. There is no periosteal reaction. There is no matrix mineraliuuews-rospal ostblissue abnormalo An x. n. MRI-ray shwrs t It appeaoight be f Vascuage anotion. the lesce tghtcl aplx-reeescr>Nonngs in the tibial cofoo">spbolengte antergth in the tibial corand perhundernn She in no periumsioransg- Stnngs in ial cofogth iner ssifynds ngs in one/imedullolitl>locae f VascuaIt ap">Ewitru Fracears texitpeur, proxlx-thup geng nuo mPatilegimeesion in a - anterthe tibial cortth joint in e f Vascuelempreseion in the soft tistgh ngh in the ttion. the size of v Steltgh ngh in the theresel="llx-enthe ldings as wel>
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