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Case: Symptoms and Presentation

A 52 year old women has multiple skin abnormalities.

This woman is 52. She has multiple skin abnormalities as shown in the photographs. What is the most common skeletal manifestation of this disorder?

A 15 year old patient with pain and a bump on his left shin for one or two years

The patient is 15, and he has had pain and a bump on his left shin for one or two years. He has been taking aspirin once in the morning and once at night, which controls the pain effectively. The pain is worse at night and in the first thing in the morning.

A 25-year-old man with persistent swelling after an ankle sprain.

The patient is a 25-year-old male who has a history of an ankle sprain some months ago. He has had persistent swelling in the ankle. He is working as a painter. There is pain in the ankle in the mornings and after workouts.

A 16 year old boy with left ankle sprain

The patient is 16, and he had a spraining injury to the left ankle, whereupon an x-ray of the ankle was taken. This showed a lesion in the left calcaneus.

An active 31 year old woman had focal back pain.

An active thirty-one year old woman had focal back pain and a lesion in the second lumbar vertebra. Initial work-up including a CT revealed a solitary,lesion with a latent appearance. Primary treatment was non-operative, but after six months the pain was still present, and the patient complained of significant limitations of her lifestyle and was unable to perform many outdoor activities.

50 year old tennis player with pain in the knee .

The patient is a very pleasant woman who is an active tennis player and 50 years of age. She has had aching pain in the left knee and a radiograph revealed a bone lesion in the proximal tibia. The patient is seen at the request of her orthopedic surgeon.

A 14 year old boy with pain and mass above the knee

A 14 year old boy presents with pain and a mass above the knee.

A 32 year old auto mechanic with multiple femur lesions

A 35 year old auto mechanic whose wife had just had their first baby presented with severe pain in the distal femur. Subsequent work up showed multiple ipsilateral lesions. Pathology images from a similar lesion are shown.

A 43 year old woman with breast cancer presents with severe hip pain and inability to walk

A 43 year old woman with a history of breast cancer with bone metastasis presents with severe hip pain and inability to walk. Plain radiographs and a CT image of her right proximal femur are shown.

A 36 year old woman with metatarsal lesion

The patient is a very pleasant 36 year old woman who has noticed a pain in the foot since approximately one month ago.