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Case: Symptoms and Presentation

A mass in the right ankle of a 40 year old male

A 40 year old male presents with a mass that was found on an MRI done 17+ months ago for peroneal tendon tendonitis. A new MRI showed that the mass had gotten much larger.

A vascular mass on the front of the tibia

Patient has a mass he thinks might be a varicose vein on the anterior surface of his left leg for several years.

A woman in her 50's with nausea, fatigue, lethargy, and a right femoral bone lesion

This patient is 54, she presents with nausea, fatigue, lethargy, and a bone lesion in the right femur. On presentation, she was anemic, hypercalcemic, and hyperkalemic. She had had right knee pain for approximately 2 weeks and was taking frequent large doses of ibuprofen for pain control.

Intense pain in the knee and a permeative lesion

The patient is 63. She has pain in the right knee which has been increasing gradually for the past 4 or 5 months. It is now very intense. Initial x-rays (shown) were unimpressive. Later a lesion in the right distal femur was discovered. Because of the patient's medical history a large number of diagnostic possibilities exist.

A 10 year old boy with pain in the left clavicle

A 10 year old male had pain in the left shoulder for six months. An initial radiograph was interpreted as showing a non-displaced fracture. A slight fever was noticed which diminished after treatment with antibiotics.

A giant cell tumor totally destroyed the right proximal humerus

A 32 year old patient had a giant cell tumor in her right proximal humerus. The AP radiograph and a radiograph taken after the biopsy are shown. Wide resection of the tumor was chosen because the lesion had destroyed too much of the bone and could not be treated with conventional curettage and packing with cement or bone graft.

Still working at 82, she has a bone lesion in the foot

The patient a delightful 82-year-old woman, who is seen after referral from Dr. P, after a bone lesion in the base of the fourth metatarsal was found.

An pathologic fracture of the right femoral neck

The patient has a history of pain in the hip that dates back about two months. The pain became gradually worse and he had some small episodes of exacerbation. Recently he began using crutches. Then, he had another episode of a slight twisting injury with dramatic increase in the pain and was found to have a fracture.

Knee pain and a mass, multiple small skin tumors

A woman presents with knee pain, instability, a large soft tissue mass in the posterior knee, and multiple small skin tumors

A 22 year old woman with pain in the left ischium for about two year

The patient is a very pleasant 22-year-old woman who is generally healthy, she recently graduated college and was previously a ballet dancer. She has no serious medical problems and there is no history of injury to the area in question.