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Case: Symptoms and Presentation

What does this man have?

This 32 year old Nicaraguan man has multiple lumps on his bones. The one behind his left neck has been growing and is bothering him. He says 5 of his 8 brothers and sisters also have this problem. What does he have? What is the cause of the growth of the tumor behind his neck? What is the correct treatment for this tumor?

An 8 year old boy with a crooked leg and multiple bone tumors

An 8 year old Nicaraguan boy has a crooked left leg. He is generally healthy, and has no complaints. His mother says he has pain in his left knee, but he denies this.

A subcutaneous tumor on the foot that has come back rapidly after surgery

A 22 year old woman had a subcutaneous tumor removed from the top of her big toe 6 months ago. The tumor has already started to come back. A photo from before the surgery is shown.

A classic bone tumor of the finger

A 20 year old woman has a slowly growing mass adjacent to the ulnar aspect of the middle phalanx of her ring finger. It has been present for 18 months, and is minimally painful. She is otherwise well and there are no other pertinent findings.

A young man with a very painful lesion of the knee

This 15 year old boy has a painful tumor in his tibia, near the knee. A biopsy showed "giant cells" in the lesion. It continued to grow, and he has pain, a mass, and substantial leg atrophy.

A boy with a slowly enlarging tibial bone lesion

This 16 year old boy has a slowly enlarging bump or mass on the anterior crest of the tibia, a few centimeters below the tibial tubercle. He is healthy, and the bump does not bother him very much.

A pregnant woman with a very large calf tumor

A 26 year old woman who is 18 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child presents with a very large mass in the right leg. She is otherwise well and her medical history is unremarkable.

This man has a thigh tumor, had a scapular tumor 2 y/a

A 51 year old man with osteochondromatosis, who had an enlarging scapular tumor resected 2 years ago now presents with a soft tissue mass in the medial right distal thigh just above the knee.

A 95 year old lady with increasing pain and swelling in her thigh

This 95 year old woman presents with increasing pain and an enlarging mass in her right thigh. She recalls a fall onto the right leg the previous year and has been having ongoing pain since then.

A pathological fracture in a 10 year old boy

This 10 year old boy sustained a pathological fracture in his right arm whilst catching a football in his arms. On further questioning, this occurred on a background of vague intermittent pain in that arm.